Welcome to the new Bike Calgary website!

We have recently switched to a new website, including both the hosting service (we are now using a local Calgary-based company, hostedincanada.com) and the website software. This means some changes in the look, and how you can enter comments and posts. Take a look around and let us know what you think! You can enter comments in the Forums section, or email “admin@bikecalgary.org

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Bike Calgary website!

    • Gary Millard

      Hello Fraser,

      Yes, we are in the process of moving over all the user accounts. In the meantime, if you would like to comment in the forums right away, feel free to register manually in this new system. We will do a check on the accounts to avoid duplication. Thanks for your interest. I hope the new site works well for you. Feel free to let us know – we are hoping that the new page will be an improvement for forum users, but we need to hear back to find out.

      Gary Millard
      Director, Bike Calgary

    • Gary Millard

      We’ve migrated the user accounts, but the protections on the passwords means we couldn’t migrate passwords. Existing users will have to use the “Lost Password” option to reset their password.

  • Gary Millard

    We’ve migrated the user accounts from the old page to this one. If you are still not able to log into the Forums with your old account, you can either create a new one or email us (admin@bikecalgary.org) and we’ll see what we can do to get you going.

    Note that we are having some technical issues with our forums as we try migrate over the old information. We appreciate your patience.

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