WSP Calgary Commutes

Do you wish you could make a few extra bucks during your commute? Well, the employees at WSP can do just that by choosing to ride their bike to work.

With the goal of bringing together the multiple WSP offices and business lines as well as creating a community of sustainability and wellness, WSP believed that incorporating cycling in their employees’ daily commutes would be the perfect vehicle (pun intended). To jumpstart this initiative, they introduced some healthy competition and incentives. Colleagues track each others’ rides through leaderboards on the Strava app. As well, participants receive $0.10/km commuted by bicycle to-and-from work and three prizes of $150 are given out every month.

Since April 1st, close to 65 employees have signed up and have ridden ~15,000 km! For more information on how to start some of these initiatives in your office, feel free to contact Jennifer Fraser ( 

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