Crossing the road at Pathway intersection

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    Due to high water, the underpass below McLeod Trail S at the Repsol Centre is closed. This means that you have to take the pathway to McLeod Tr and cross the road. The cars won’t stop, even if you stick out your arm out. To a driver a pathway interaction doesn’t count as a crosswalk; they think I’m J-walking so they can yell and honk and taunt me. So here’s my question:

    1. Does a pathway count as an intersection to a roadway and therefore a legal crosswalk?
    2. Will the City put up temporary signage for a crosswalk under these circumstances.
    3. Why are drivers such incredible assholes to people on bikes?;)



    Wait. Do you mean here? There is no crosswalk here. I don’t think the drivers are necessarily wrong about being upset if people try to cross here (bike or not).
    Though, frankly, if the underpass is closed, it looks like there should be a temporary one put up somehow. This is open now right? I’d leave feedback on 311 or @yyctransport either way.,-114.0613239,3a,90y,8.63h,66.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seWzRNIfXb4I5uKpL7-PgPw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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    Yes, that’s the location, and the underpass has been opened since the high water subsided. It was closed for about 10 days? It’s my impression that a legal pedestrian crossing exists at every intersection Calgary. Here we have the intersection of the pathway and McLeod Trail. I agree that when Parks closes the underpasses, Roads needs to designate a cross walk here to alert cars that people are crossing. There is no other feasible option here for a cyclist as the sidewalk is the only exit from the talisman Centre. But we all know how dangerous it is for cyclists on sidewalks, not to mention illegal. I would prefer not to ride on McLeod trail as it’s absolutely not a safe place for cyclists.

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