I think I found a stolen bike on Kijiji – 2007 Norco Atomik


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    They were asking 600 on the ad, then a few days later 400, and when I offered 250 without hesitation they accepted.

    I asked her how she got the bike with two different email addresses and on time she said it was her son’s but he’s no longer around to use it, and the second time she said her boyfriend gave it to her and she’s not into dh riding.

    I could be wrong but things just don’t add up and the bike is worth 500 easy. I have a screen shot of the ad and her number but I’m not sure what else to do.

    I went to see the bike in person but I didn’t get a serial number.

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    This was a few days ago now but I suspect that stolen bike ads that follow this pattern are just out for a quick sale. However I’d report the person and the address to the police along with your suspicions, and they can scout the area out. Generally a bike thief doesn’t just hit once, but will have a stash that they store and sell like a rotating door. If it’s legit you might save someone else from having their bike swiped next.



    Yeah I reported immediately to crime stoppers and they created a profile to forward to the police. I also found her “letgo” profile with the same bike for sale (https://ca.letgo.com/en/u/dee_bdf46f8b-fa20-4255-a9a0-eab25cb0c083). A ton of suspicious items for sale on her profile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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