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    One of the most pleasant areas to ride in and around Calgary is South of the City. There used to be multiple ways to access these quiet roads, but with construction on 22X most of the access points have been removed or aren’t easily used by bike.

    I used to always ride out on 37th Street to cross 22X but now with construction pylons it’s a little tricky to cross the multiple lanes of traffic. The project doesn’t make any allowance for pedestrians or cyclists. They’ve made it more difficult to cross safely than it used to be.

    You used to be able to take 24th Street, which was a nice quiet option, but that has been removed from service entirely.

    Heading further East, Range road 14 (James McKevitt and Spruce Meadows dr.) has been ripped up and is no longer passable at all.

    Heading further East is 6th Street SW and Sherriff King Street which is under construction, with many pylons, lane changes, narrow lanes and of course, no allowance for cyclists.

    So there we have it. There used to be 4 good ways to access the South by bike from Calgary, West of McLeod Trail and now there are no good options. It seems to me that none of the construction projects have made any allowance for cyclists. I think it’s irresponsible of the Province to ignore such a large user group of the infrastructure of this area. If you’ve ridden down there you know it’s one of the nicest and most popular areas in the Spring and summer to ride. It would be great if there could be some consideration paid to the safety of all road users during these projects.


    my favorite point to cross 22X and Stoney Trail is 52 Street SE.
    no problem at all.
    I ride SE a lot.
    Calgary infastructure is falling apart as we speak.
    mid of summer and no any major asphalt work? where?
    cracks all over pathways.
    simply put I love riding on less than 10 years old whatever asphalt.


    Has the access situation improved in the southwest lately? The original post was a couple of months ago.


    This question actually got me thinking of the Rotary Mattamy Greenway, and the section that gets a rider from North Glenmore to Signal Hill.

    Prior to the Stoney Trail construction and the new bridge for 37th Street, you just wound through Glamorgan and crossed 37th south to Glenmore Reservoir.

    Two weeks ago, when I did the Greenway ride, with the bridge incomplete, I had to ride a big detour. I went all the way through Mount Royal, and past Glenmpre Trail at the Crowchild intersection. The detour added 25 minutes to my ride.

    I’m curious if there’s a better detour option.

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