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    I’ve been riding the Elbow River Pathway for many years in the winter. This winter, the plowing on a certain stretch has been excellent. This particular stretch is a shaded area that gets no winter sun, so snow left on the pathway lasts all winter. The snow removal this year has been excellent with the contractor plowing down to the pavement after each snowfall. It’s making the freeze thaw cycle this year much safer with much less ice!

    Not all pathways are maintained to such an excellent standard. Some contractors leave great piles of snow across the middle of the pathway which initially are a difficult obstacle and then later become a source for icy terrain from the freeze thaw cycles.

    Here’s an idea. I’m going to 311 the City and let them know that this excellent maintenance has been conducted this year on this particular stretch. They can then better ascertain which contractors really know their stuff and which ones are shirking.

    Do you have some well done pathway maintenance?

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