City council to consider allowing 'Idaho stop'

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    I saw this in the news this morning. I am not convinced that it is the best idea, but there will be lots of opinions/emotions.


    Wish I could still remember where I found the study, but it’s been proven people react negatively to bike laws and improvements that “make sense” because of a strong us-vs-them mentality and anything that’s not a benefit to them directly as a car driver means it’s a negative that needs to be verbosely and emotionally shut down.
    Basically yes there will be lots of opinions and emotions.

    The news article also mentioned that someone felt it was a waste of time for something that was already happening without much consequence.

    Coun. Shane Keating said he isn’t sure the motion is worth the trouble.
    “Why make something legal that is happening without consequence today?”

    So basically if I ever get a ticket for not putting my foot on the ground at a stop sign even though I’ve yielded and am basically at a stop already I’ll be forwarding my ticket to Mr. Keating to take care of. Does he think that’s all the legal system is for? Kind of weird.



    I just watched the committee meeting where this was discussed. Interesting from the perspective of highlighting the level of understanding the different councilors have about cycling issues.

    It looks like Idaho had a reduction in cyclist injuries after they passed their law, though as crivak says, the special privileges will be a tough sell…


    Sean Chu, Joe Magliocca and Shane Keating voted against this, Magliocca even brought up the old threat of bike licensing (reeeeally?).

    So, going forward, it looks like the City will be working with the Province to change the laws as required. I hope they can move this forward. Somewhere there’s probably a joke to be made here about the “slow wheels of progress…”


    June 17 – this item was defeated in Council

    Gary Millard

    I would have preferred that this motion was successful, but I’ll count as a win the fact the the City of Calgary council is having these discussions, and that the votes are getting closer and closer with time.

    My request to all Bike Calgary members is to get involved with your local councillor – let him or her know what you’d like them to represent at Council, and if they are not a helpful voice, vote for (and provide support for) a councillor or candidate in the next election who better represents cyclists in Calgary.

    Garry Lohuis

    There are many more important cycling issues than the Idaho stop. In my neighborhood we have a 4-way stop intersection. Last weekend over a 1 hour time period I observed that 75 % of the cars treated the intersection as an Idaho stop. I wonder if bike cops come to a complete stop if there is no traffic? In my opinion much ado about nothing.

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