Crossing 22X – Advocating for missing cycling infrastructure in SW

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    Since construction of the ring road access to the pastoral cycling roads of Foothills County by bicycle has become more difficult. There used to be multiple places to cross Stoney Trail (formerly 22X) at 37th and 24th St. These have been removed leaving James Mckevitt/Spruce Meadows as the westerly most place to cross the multilane highway. This amounts to nearly a 10 km detour to cross 22X.

    As part of the Ring Road project Multi use pathways were installed at the western end of Fish Creek Blvd/146 Ave. These pathways connect Fish Creek Park with the Fish Creek BV overpass over the Ring Road. Unfortunately, south of the Ring road these pathways don’t connect to a crossing of Stoney Trail. The City could easily install a bike lane on 37th St and 146 Ave westbound to 53rd. These roads are currently gravel and in terrible shape. When the City paves these roads it would make sense to have some simple cycling infrastructure to connect to Spruce Meadows Gr SW (the connector road on the South side of the Stoney Trail).

    What’s the best way to bring this to the attention of the City? 311? Does Bike Calgary maintain a list of missing infrastructure? Local City Councillor?

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