Cycling only infrastructure advocate?

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    A few areas in the City have Cyclist exclusive pathways. Some are seasonal “bikes only” and some are year round. Unfortunately it’s very common to have pedestrians and other users using the bike only lanes.

    Around Glenmore reservoir there’s two separate lanes, ones for walkers and one for cyclists only. As far as I’m aware it’s the only cyclist exclusive lane available in the winter in Calgary. When I’ve ridden this section of trail this winter it’s had many pedestrians using it, dog walkers, joggers etc. This can be problematic when there is only a narrow strip of pathway that is ice free. The fact that it’s suppose to be for cyclists doesn’t seem to register at all with these people.

    Does Bike Calgary advocate for any kind of education or enforcement for the cyclist exclusive lanes? Should we as users be calling 311 to voice concern? Is there a better way to take back the lanes?

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