Do you think lots more cycling during covid restrictions this yr.?

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    It’s great the city has converted parts of some road lanes to bike-ped-e-scooter lanes. ie. Memorial Drive, Centre St. bridge road underpass.

    So last few months, to me, I think there may be more people cycling. For sure more families with children. It’s cheap/low cost staycation recreation to explore City. Do you think this year/do you know anyone, who has converted to cycling more frequently this year?

    I want to believe that Calgarians have reconsidered/changed their transportation habits during covid restrictions. I’m not so sure. I hear from work colleagues that there are more people walking in their neighbourhods.


    Without a doubt there are more people cycling the summer than ever before. The crowds of people cycling on the pathways and road lanes is obvious. If you compare the number of people cycling this summer compared to 5, 10 or 20 years ago there has been several step changes in numbers.

    Here’s hoping that the City realizes that if suitable infrastructure is present many Calgarians will choose to cycle. Why not permanently designate some lanes of roads to bikes only?


    Yes, the surge in activity has kept most bike shops heavily backlogged as people sought out new gear and introduced kids to biking with indoor spring activities otherwise canceled. I suspect we might even get an odd generational blip where the “covid” kids learn to ride earlier and more proficiently while their skating and swimming lags…

    I do hope for a couple of legacy changes to come from this year:
    1) with more out people riding, the need close critical gaps in the cycling network becomes more apparent and gets broader support.
    2) the investment in kids cycling transfers over to the school year and more bike-to-school uplift. With many parents still working from home and less office commuting, they take the opportunity to ride or walk to school with younger kids.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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