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    Julia Rose

    Home Road is closed around 52nd for the weekend apparently. Did anyone try heading up the pathway from the West side? or down towards that side? I hit the detour from northbound Home Road, couldn’t see a way through to the pathway, and ended up doing a very steep residential detour to get back around to the park up top.



    Lots of surprisingly bare and dry pathways this morning, except Egerts Park which was about 50% shiny ice due to melt/freeze running across the path… and the south end of the Peace Bridge was a disgrace. The whole triangle was basically a skating rink (I put in a 311 call about this).



    Pathways up through Dalhousie and Varsity are mostly hard-packed snow to snowy-ice covered. Traction is okay right now, but may get worse as things get polished up. Be particularly careful on the hill dropping into the Varsity green space from 53rd Street NW.
    53rd Street NW bike lanes were mostly slushy today, but definitely found caution was warranted. They had been plowed reasonably well before Sunday’s icy rain/snow, so hopefully some warm weather will clear them up.
    Careful if going under the Hextall Bridge as the drop/climb on the north side is very icy in the steep section into the corner.
    52nd Street cycle track was pretty decent. Snow covered with some ice, but the barrier protection helps for comfort.
    Bow River pathway is a combo of dry sections, some icy sections and some snowy sections. There’s a few low spots that have puddles that have iced over, but they seemed to be short-distances.
    Downtown streets are mostly bone dry and the cycle tracks downtown are in great condition, though pathways on the south side through Eau Claire are icy in contrast (echoing Kerryv’s comments above).
    Studded tires were definitely appreciated for my ride today! Safe travels everyone!



    The plow didn’t get much of the last snow fall and with last weekends temps a nasty rutted ice has formed. The pathway around Reposol Place is pretty bad with a few refrozen ponds and some hard ice/snow sections. Elbow River around Stampede is ok with packed snow and ice, and a couple of tricky ice patches on hills under the overpasses.

    The quality of snow removal makes such a huge difference to the long term travel-ability of the MUPs. One poor clearing can leave a winter long rink that doesn’t clean up until longer days and much warmer temps arrive.



    I find it interesting that the cycle tracks downtown are bone dry, yet the pathways through downtown are substantially covered in ice. I wonder if there is still a disconnect with Parks looking at pathways as a recreational amenity, i.e. not essential for travel, whereas Transportation (Roads) treats cycle tracks as part of the transportation network, i.e. they recognize that they have the same importance for Calgarians travelling by bike as streets do for Calgarians travelling by car/truck or transit (wish I could extend that comment to painted bike lanes beyond downtown too!)?

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    I don’t like the dry cycle tracks.

    The reason they’re dry is the tons of salt that Roads dumps on them.

    I spent two years winter commuting on the 12th Ave cycle track, and that has convinced me to avoid them in the winter if at all possible.

    The amount of damage done to my bike from the salt is not worth it.

    Now, I’m lucky to have studded tires on my other bike which I’ve gone back to for this winter. I’ve switched to riding around the north end of downtown on the bow river MUPS, and then south on 1st St SE.

    Although I enjoyed winter commuting downtown without needing studs, I’m much happier on the sometimes icy pathways this year with my studs, knowing that my chain won’t be a pile of rust halfway through the winter.

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    As of this evening (Thurs) the new winding MUP just west of Eau Claire is still pretty dang nasty with lots of slick sections that haven’t been treated at all with anything it seems. Glad I have studded tires and even then I’m taking those a bit easy.

    Thursday morning the north side MUP between Peace Bridge and the Skating Rink (ha ha… I mean the Princes’ Island bridge by the stairs) still had lots and lots of varying ice, slush, and ruts. The worst conditions I’ve seen on my travels have been this section this entire week and no further efforts to mitigate. The warmer weather had almost no effect and now we’re back to a deep freeze.

    It’s turning into that winter period were at least front studded tire goes a long ways towards improving safety.



    First real winter day on the e-bike today. It did reasonably well but I brought my battery charger to work and I’m glad I did as the battery was already below 30% when I got in, notwithstanding a test ride I did yesterday to see how many layers I would need. Normally I can do 2 full round trips to the office on one charge.

    I wonder how much salt one has to throw down on the road to make it liquid at -27. The 10 St cycle track south of 16 Ave, and all of the streets downtown were disgusting. Glad I could give my bike a hot splash in our excellent bike facility at work.



    Finally nailed it.

    Got my layering almost perfect this morning. My head was a little too warm by the time I got to work, but not so bad I was sweating buckets and risking freezing.

    Only took 10 years of trial and error!

    Was amazed to see heaps and heaps of salt on the Peace Bridge, but no melting of the snow there at all.



    Hey @kerryv Can you describe / share photos of your workplace’s bike facility? A salt-rinsing options sounds like an excellent idea!



    Here are a few photos I took when it was brand new in spring 2017:


    In addition to space for well over a hundred bikes, there is a full size wash bay with hot/cold water taps, and a detergent system if desired. There is also a work area with tools and a smaller wash bay for washing parts, wheels, etc.



    Wow, very nice! Thanks for sharing!

    When compared against the cost of a single car stall, these features are inexpensive and extremely helpful.


    Gary Millard

    Thanks for sharing those photos @kerryv. It’s great to see employers supporting healthy choices for their employees!

    With a beautiful facility like that, you might want to nominate your employer for a YYC Bike Award! We have a category for Best Business, based on how they support cycling for their customers and/or employees. That sort of parking and wash installation might put them in the running to win!



    Great idea, Gary; how can I nominate them (the property management company)? As far as I can tell on the website, there is a form for nominations that is coming soon…



    January was awful for all of us((

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