How was your ride today? Month of DECEMBER 2018

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    Gary Millard

    It appears that snow over the weekend has turned our December commuting back into winter riding. The warm, dry end of November helped clean up some messy spots, but I still find there’s a block and half or so along the Bow River Northside detour that’s mushy and unpleasant. I guess Monday morning will reveal if the fresh snow has made it better or worse!



    I posted yesterday in the November “how was your ride” by mistake.

    Saturday I found the (north) pathway between Crowchild Tr and 29 St is no longer fenced/barricaded off (the concrete barriers at 29 St are gone) but watch for rough/rutted ice in spots (not sure if the snow was cleared today).



    The water folks told me the fences would be down Friday and open for the weekend. Glad to hear that was true.
    With the snow falling today parks should be out in the next 24 hours or so clearing the whole thing. Fingers crossed that Monday is a full pathway commute that’s been cleared.

    Double fingers crossed for the hextall underpass. Can we get some 311s in for that section if it’s not done (again)? The first snowfall the plow literally just went around it on both sides. I realize it was closed for years due to the flood but that is no excuse now that it’s open.



    I put in a request for the Hextall underpass on Thursday last week. Hope it helps.

    Thanks for keeping us all posted on the pathway. I’m not inclined to ride busy street bike lanes (i.e. 10th) or mixed traffic (i.e. Northmount) in these conditions. I will chance 53rd to the river, so having pathway access back (not having to do the detour) will help!


    Gary Millard

    I rode the Bow northside pathway this morning – they ran the plow over it but there was still lots of rutted ice from the previous week. There were a few sketchy spots with the ruts, so take it easy through there until it gets cleared (or melted).



    Quick question about the re-opened path between 29th and Crowchild – did the city repave the entire path or just the few hundred metres west of Crowchild?



    No, they didn’t repave it, opportunity missed. Although I heard on the radio this morning they said they are planning to repave that section west of Crowchild in the spring. Hopefully that’s true.



    Oh great – yet another detour to face in the spring! At least paving should not take several months like the drainage work (cross your fingers!)



    The re-opened path between Crowchild and 29th – Those sketchy sections just west of Crowchild seem to be getting worse as the week progresses! And there is another rutty spot out by the public art piece by the green bean, where did that come from? I just about went down 3 times this morning on those crappy sections. Last night I rode home on 5th Ave but it wasn’t in the greatest shape either….


    Oh, and when they say re-pave, they might just mean the one little spot that they tore up???

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    Hm. Spams still not deleted. Ever get that spam blocker added?

    Glad the pathway is open but yeah, it’s not in good shape. Not fun going over it in the dark. Was caught off guard by that tiny strip of dirt too.

    They did plow the hextall underpass. Which was nice. That or it was someone else again (used to see non-city-workers touching it up). They even gave a go at smashing up the ice. If it was the city who touched up hextall, why not smash up the ice along the north river too? Surely it has a higher traffic use. Maybe 311 is open to that.

    Got a lil horn love tap from an old man in a pick up truck. Still amused people think their horns are for their uncontrolled emotions. And that they’re seemingly ok with portraying so openly their insecurity with their own driving skills. He was halfway down the street when I made a left turn. I waved at him from the other lane after completing the turn at the same time he went beep. Gave me a laugh. Yeah man I bet you were scared, you were so close to t-boning me in your imagination I bet. Wouldn’t think twice if he had to completely stop for a pedestrian though. How dare I be in line of vision? So scary. Scarred for life. Seriously no where near me. Why drive if you’re that skittish.



    On the way home tonight, the barriers for the detour at the Pumphouse Theatre were removed and pathway was open. The few icy spots on the path will help to keep your mind focused….


    Gary Millard

    Thanks for all the pathway updates! I’m happy to see the City is clearing out those detour early in the winter – hopefully we will experience clear riding through those areas.

    In regards to the dirt section west of Crowchild, on the north side river pathway, it appears when they repaired that section they bumped the cycle path south to meet with the pedestrian path, further west of where it used to. I suspect this was done to eliminate that perennial puddle (and/or ice patch) that formed. If so, it looks like someone is thinking ahead!



    Yeap, looks like the strip of dirt was in fact a result of the new path being moved to merge with the pedestrian one sooner. The plow just didn’t know that on the first pass. Very nice! Good decision.

    They also made an attempt during the chinook to replow the ice off the pathway earlier this week. Got a good bit of it but still a small section along parkdale with ice.
    Shouldice was also bladed which is a hugely welcome change.

    All told this has been a very good year for winter cycling so far (despite the pathway detour/ice hiccup along memorial). Let’s hope the next big snow dump doesn’t come until the ice has melted and then the plowing job nails it. I’m optimistic.

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