How was your ride today? Month of JUNE 2019

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    Gary Millard

    Today is World Bicycle Day!

    Have you supported your local cyclist? Perhaps you’ve contacted your ward councillor to let them know you’d like more cycling infrastructure in the city and in your community? Maybe you’ll take a friend for a bike ride and remind them just how much fun it is to see your city by bike.

    And don’t forget to tell someone about what Bike Calgary is doing to make cycling safer and more accessible to everyone, of all ages and abilities, in Calgary and Alberta!


    And how does the city celebrate Bike Month/day? By dramatically increasing the fines for speeding on the paths:

    An 800% increase seems a bit much…


    That’s f’ing insane!

    The harm that comes from speeding cyclists vs the harm that comes from speeding cars….

    A $400 speeding ticket in car is when you’re doing about 40km/h over the speed limit, so that’s the equivalent of doing 70km/h in a playground zone, or 60km/h in a 20km/h zone (such as on the bike paths).

    How is that comparable in danger to speeding cyclists on the paths? It’s not even close!!!

    I’ve seen lots of dangerous behaviour on the paths, but nothing that justifies this. Who was behind this change? And what were they smoking…. ?


    Maybe the intent is to push commuters back onto the roads. That would be OK if the cycle track network was expanded accordingly AND properly cleared in the winter.

    Never thought I’d NEVER, EVER be contemplating putting a radar detector on my bike! My handlebars are pretty full with a computer, iPhone mount, 2 headlights and a bell. Not to mention that by bike doesn’t have a 12V power supply! But FYI, you can buy one at Visions for $70-$80 on sale right now.



    Nice weather so far this week, aside from the random wind storms. Anyone have an update on the south pathway between Edworthy and Crowchild? Wondering if it’s clear and dry yet for skinny tires.


    South pathway – I rode through yesterday afternoon, and the gates are now open on both ends. There is a little mud and gouged pavement where the ice flows were.


    Bumping this back up over the prior months thread.
    Actually I thought the speeding fine was more than $50 already. Something like $150 or $250. Maybe this means they’re considering increasing the pathway speed limit to 25/30kmh?

    The rain is apparently coming back tomorrow/friday. Still looks like it’ll be fairly nice though. My app is forecasting 6mm on Thursday and 5mm over all of friday. Get them fenders out.


    The Edmonton Trail (4th St. E) south pathway underpass is finally open.


    New commute today. First time back on Home Road in a while. Really nice touches in the area the past few months. I like the addition of the green bollards on the intersection of the TransCanada. Should stop cars from using it as a second lane. But I liked the addition of the concrete barriers along 52nd street the most. Coming up that incline at night always sketched me out because people would come barreling around that corner at 50kmh+ right into the bike lane. Saw it as I was halfway up and was super impressed, then when I actually got to them near the top three cars were turning in and they all slowed down a lot appropriately. What a great and long-time-coming change.


    What really grinds your gears?

    – having to wash my bike so often the last 6 weeks
    – too many consecutive biking days in wind or rain or both
    – too much sand in my gears…grinding my gears

    Kudos to that lady on the MUP this morning still pushing those noisy studded under-pressured tires. I’m sure riding with those was just as hard as it looked from your full body effort.


    I noticed the additional barriers on 52nd Street. Back when I was still more involved with Bike Calgary (during the public engagement) I’d had quite an extensive dialogue with the City on the need for such. It always surprised me that the City originally neglected placing a barrier in the one place on the cycle track that really needed it. I didn’t actually think they’d ever do so, so I wonder what finally prompted them into doing it? Definitely appreciate it as I had seen the occasional car swing wide on that corner (probably new to the area and thinking the bike lane ended at the corner), which could have been devastating if timing was poor.

    The change at 16th and Home Road was needed due to the distinct signal phasing governing what was (prior to the change) a shared lane. Glad to see the change, but I think they could also have solved the problem by simply synchronizing the bike and general-purpose travel lane phasing. I do believe they changed the timing somewhat to give cyclists more time, particularly in conjunction with when the pedestrian walk signal is active. I think the bollards are helpful, but I’m a bit concerned the area may be neglected in winter (not that bike lane clearing is always great in general).


    Anybody else annoyed by that new construction immediately east of Edworthy Park… and specifically that harsh/deep gravel detour around that corner? with the skinny tires that’s just asking for trouble. I’ve already noted lots of tracks on the grass. Given I don’t know the schedule for that specific area… but it sure doesn’t look like it’s a short term thing so are they likely to put down some asphalt?


    I haven’t ventured on the south pathway yet this year. Worth continuing to avoid with skinny road bike tires – assume you are talking south path? It might be worth it if they are taking care of the worst sections of pathway that got eaten up last year by early ice removal.


    About that ANNOYING gravel detour –

    It is ANNOYING, just like when the Flames got knocked out of the playoffs IN THE FIRST ROUND, and the Raptors lost Game 5 BY A SINGLE POINT, ANNND just as annoying as that little muddy spot on the pathway on the south side of the river that I now have to deal with ‘cuz that gravel detour is DUMB!

    RANT OFF! But BTW, does anybody know the name of that bridge over the river in Edworthy just west of the detour?


    So I’m annoyed because I think it’s a safety risk… I guess Flames on the golf course are risky too (despite all their experience with early season golfing). 🙂

    You might be talking about the Hextall bridge. The wooden-slat-covered one with the big planter boxes that used to actually be the main crossover bridge years ago when I was a kid.

    All the rain lately, and in the upcoming forecast, should help wash away all that goose poop. niiice.

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