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    I don’t get why these boards hate me and refuse to post my posts. They show up and I make one little edit and POOF. Is there just a backlog of a million posts from me just floating in cyberspace? lmao. One more try.

    Yeah. Tuesday was very, very interesting.
    I left late that day to give the ploughs a chance to go through. I wasn’t too surprised when they hadn’t gone out then yet either, assuming they’d save it for later in the day so as to get the bulk of the snowfall.

    Boy was I wrong. They were egging out every last drop of that “24h after snowfall” line.
    I reported my whole commute leg to 311 and the plows rolled out. Contacting them on twitter seems very effective as they’ll respond back. They got around to all the online tickets as well.

    But I’m sure they were extremely busy the past few days on account of the ice.
    When reporting the ice as followup please mention that the bulk of it was due to late snow clearing. They have to make sure their contractors know that if they leave it too long to get trampled on by normal traffic then its going to be nearly impossible for them to remove without large formations of ice.
    I get it’s hard for them to respond to sometimes on time but they could’ve rolled out by 10am that day in the busy sections like Eau Claire.

    Here’s Bowmont Tuesday evening.

    Gary Millard

    For those asking about the pathway bridge under Stoney Trail in the NW – it is open, and the new pathway is paved to connect into Baker Park. And as a big bonus this week – the staff at Bowness Park have done a great job of clearing the pathway through Bowness Park (they even cleared both sides of one of the bollards!).


    I totally agree with your assessment of the snow clearing after the past snow event. The pathway around Repsol Centre and along the Elbow River was left until it had packed down, then warmed up and finally when it froze down to ice the crews tried to clear it. Now, even after 5 days of warm Chinook weather there is still a hard layer of ice covering most of the pathway. It’s going to be there for a while.

    It seems to me like every year is the same. The snow removal crews early in the season aren’t good at getting the snow off down to asphalt. Maybe it’s all new operators? Whatever the reason they really need to do a better job early in the season because if not the icy mess left can stick around well until spring!


    The snow squads have definitely done a MUCH better job this week…. phew!! That said there’s still room for improvement to get to end of last years standards which include:
    – where the path ends at a road… don’t leave a pile of snow there. Move it to the side.
    – where paths join, don’t plow in a “Y” shape where that little “v” at the top gets a pile of snow.
    – please clear full width of path.
    – once snow stops falling… go back and PLOW approx 18″-24″ from the edges of the path. This allows meltwater to stay off the path. It always melts, and nothing worse or more dangerous than ice that slowly builds on the edges complete with a bit of a melt-ramp.
    – Peace Bridge… sigh…where do I start… both ends still need a LOT of work to clear it so one can ramp effectively on and off realizing that bikes don’t turn at hard 90° angles. We cut corners. Also on the south side… we need that short ~75m stretch between the Bridge and the actual bike path cleared as it gets real nasty real quick. Bikes are now starting to ride on the pedestrian area (where we used to ride all the time before that dedicated lane came) in order to ride safely.

    All that being said… after a rough first outing last week… this snowfall is a significant improvement. I try to give a friendly wave to the folks in their little vehicles as I do actually appreciate their efforts.


    Agreed, much better clearing on the south side of the river too. I HATE when the plow leaves a pile of snow at the end of it’s path. I have a couple of low underpasses and some years the plow operator left a giant pile of snow square in the middle of the pathway. Not good!


    It seems much too quiet on the boards. Has everyone ridden off to warmer climes? It is officially warm and sloppy out there!


    I think the unspoken question should be more around what can be done to reinvigorate these message boards? Since the new Bike Calgary message format started it seems we’ve lost many regulars.

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