How was your ride today? Month of OCTOBER

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    Well well well…. looks like http://WWW.WX.CA might actually be back from the dead? Some current data in there, and not as much info as a year or so back but its something!!

    Otherwise folks… lights lights lights versus ninjas.

    October usually has a few surprise weather events to treat us…. what’s your story today?



    No pathway clearing on my route…the studded tires went on the bike last night, which I appreciated while dealing with the frozen ruts this morning! The weather carrot being offered later this week will cure the worst of the woes!

    And please dig out your LIGHTS and check the batteries.



    Today was a breeze, yesterday was tough.

    Riding in, the wet spray was freezing on my cassette. As I pedals water was hitting the chain, and then freezing on the cassette, so that one at a time my gears became inoperable. By the time I got downtown I was down to my four slowest gears.

    For the ride home, I was stuck on the biggest gear because somehow I disconneted the shifter cable inside the brifter thanks to a hunk of solid ice that had accumulated under the bottom bracket. Took some tinkering last night at home to figure out what had happened.

    So I’m not a fan of the freezing water temps, give me -10 anytime over what we had yesterday….



    That sounds like a good example of why you should keep things well-lubed. I’m just as bad, I had a sticky FD (couldn’t drop onto the small chain ring for that last killer hill on my way home) and RB cable. And for extra inconvenience, I musta’ got some lube on my rear brake rotor when I dealt with it last night because I had no brakes on the back this morning, or, well maybe about 35% of the normal stopping power EL CRAPPOLA 🙁

    Time to “brake out” the isopropyl alcohol!! Here’s some other tips for dealing with Old Man Winter

    1) I actually have a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol in my desk at work for occasions as noted above and/or the occasional cut. I found that using it on a piece of coffee filter (that I pilfer from the coffee room) works quite well as it leaves no residue.
    2) Cooking oil spray can work on other parts of the bike that you don’t want to get ice on such as the BB, the downtube (especially if you have exposed cables) or even the pedals. Not suitable for use as a proper lubricant on your chain, cassette, FD/RD or cables.
    3) I wrap hockey tape on my brake levers as a small layer of insulation in an attempt to provide some warmth. I often leave it on in the summer as well as it does make everything a little bit more “grippier.”
    4) Here’s another weird thing for your cockpit that works well in summer or winter. I have a couple of one inch pieces of old inner tube that I pusn up to the lever mount (out of the way) that I use to “lock” my brake levers if I ever leave my bike standing up against a tree or a wall or something. I call it my parking brake.
    5) I always make sure that I always have enough life left in my tires, chainrings, chain, cassette and 4 cables to get me through the winter because I don’t have a heated garage and there’s no more Community bike shop and I hate freezing my hands off working on the bike in -20C. Especially when friggin’ around with shifters and derauillers!! Currently, I hafta’ get some air out of the hydraulic brakes on one of my bikes and I’m waiting for some +7 or +8 or better to do that.



    Good ride today. I worked from home Tuesday because I’m a wuss. And my balloon tires slide sideways at the slightest hiccup. Definitely misjudged that wind though. Jeans were not the play. Put on my pogies once I got in the door too. Will probably be too warm for them the rest of the week but I’d rather be too warm and take my mitts off than have sad fingers. Guess it’s time to order those tires.



    What a great run of nice weather!! No bugs today either. yeesssssss
    Anyone know if the ped bridge under NW Stoney Trail by Bowness is now open? I want to ride that route then north up the new Tuscany path.



    Bridge under Stoney not open yet. Or rather, the bridge might be, but there are no connections to the paths on the other side. I hit this a couple weeks ago and rather than riding back through Bowness Park to the 85th St Bridge, I walked along the grass slope on the east side of Stoney around whatever construction project they have going there that has blocked the path detour that was put in for Stoney Expnasion construction.

    If you want to ride the new path by 12 Mile Coulee, I would cross the river on 85th St, then either ride through Baker Park which still has access to the path detour on the north side of the river by Stoney, or you can ride up to Nose Hill Drive, then follow the path by Nose Hill Drive which eventually goes underneath Stoney and connects to the new path.

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