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    They’re Here! [Read it like that scene in the movie “Poltergest”]

    After 2 near-hits in the Eau Claire area, it’s obvious that we have a new hazard on the pathways. The first one was a young girl merging onto the path without even looking to see if there was anyone coming (Like me – I moved over to the left in anticipation, I’m always on the lookout for unpredictable behavior by others). The second encounter was an excellent example of unpredictable behavior. I’m heading westward just east of that propeller sculpture and I had just passed some pedestrians and was moving back over to the right (where I belong) as there were three young guys on scooters coming towards me (full speed – 20 kmhr) and they were riding like they thought they were in an episode of “Jackass,” swerving back and forth on the pathway. One jackass decides it would be cool to pass me on my right (REEEAALLY???). I would have elbowed him if I wasn’t so hard on my brakes. I heard the guys whooping and laughing as they continued on by, and I’m sure that he was the life of the party that night as he bragged about his Johnny Knoxville “moves.” Probably oblivious to the fact that he and I might have spent the evening waiting for a doctor in the emergency ward due to his stupidity.

    Anybody else have any problems so far?

    And I thought it was bad when Pokemon Go was released.

    Stay safe out there.

    Gary Millard

    I’ve seen only about a dozen or so Lime scooter users so far. My experience to date has been positive – the sidewalk users were travelling much slower than the maximum speed; the pathway users were staying in their lane. The one thing I did observe was someone rent one on a sidewalk and get into the cycle track going the wrong direction (8th Ave SW, where there is a one-way cycletrack on each side of the street). The oncoming cyclists easily shifted over to allow by.

    I think like any new form of transportation, we will see a steep learning curve for both new users (for some people, this could be their first time on any kind of scooter) and for the general traffic flow.


    Well, seems like I’ve learned to live with them. Some observations – 1) I haven’t had to deal with any jackasses since that incident, 2) I’ve followed some and it seems that their top speed is more like 25 kmh, and 3) most of my non-cyclist friends REALLY REALLY hate them, especially when they have to deal with them on the sidewalk!

    Here’s an interesting article


    I don’t think the scooters are dangerous… they just attract a certain type of user. Riding home in the early hours last week I noticed how many people were climbing onto scooters at closing time of the neighbourhood pubs. You still need a little bit of coordination to ride them!


    A coworker was contemplating doing a team building activity on the scooters somewhere near downtown Calgary and thought it would be good fun. Things that make you go… hmmmmmm?


    Both of those last 2 comments make me laugh!


    I’m contemplating printing a batch of these…. had a close call this a.m. with one joining the pathway with absolutely zero looking first, but was already braking anticipating it.





    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with both the Lime scooters and the Bird scooters. The level of use I’ve seen compared to the bikes speaks to their accessibility. People seem far more comfortable stepping on the scooters than they do the bicycles. Perhaps they’re easier to unlock. Maybe it’s that they’re smaller in size. Probably it’s because standing still seems more doable to people who might not be comfortable balancing a bicycle.

    My new commute route extends all of the river pathway, from silver springs to inglewood. I think today I saw more scooters than pedestrians during the 4pm-ish rush hour home. By far I have seen people using them respectably, if not a bit noobishly. The worst “experience” I’ve seen with them so far is seeing some disgruntled idiot who didn’t like them pick one up and toss it into the river. For some reason he seems to have thought he was disrespecting the scooter, instead of the river.
    The next time you see a scooter tossed or knocked over in the park, stand it upright. Seems people are afraid to touch “what isn’t theirs.” In this case it’s OK.

    Remember that the way people are reacting to these are the same way that people react to bicycles in general.
    The vast majority will be fine, but people will only see the negative.
    For example, I saw the same group of kids on the Lime scooters heading along memorial towards Bowness, having a blast, taking up both lanes, swerving back and forth in fun. But they still moved over in line when I rang my bell. Why would I be upset about people having fun? That was a positive to me.

    On a particularly windy day, I had a scooter pass me heading home. Oof! Jealous.
    But, that’s my opinion. Don’t hate the scooter, hate the 10% of idiots who shouldn’t be allowed outside. I don’t think it’s the product, but the decision making capabilities of certain people — and their decisions don’t stop at the scooters.


    I don’t think so, I have a great experience with scooters, it all depends on your riding style and your scooter structure, like this article says


    Only issue is when they are left fully on the path in one of the lanes. My bet is some hater is thinking it is good idea to mess with a certain group of path users.

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