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    Had a ride out to Chestermere on the weekend and on the way back rode the new Transit bridge over the Deerfoot. An excellent upgrade to the previously narrow sidewalk. It joined nicely to the (not so new) elevated bike lane under Blackfoot trail on 9Ave SE. The biggest upgrade of the journey was the level crossing of Glenmore! That used to be an unpleasant part of the ride but now you hardly notice passing under the many lanes of the road.

    Most of these cycling infrastructure upgrades were happy add-ons to larger projects like the train crossing at Glenmore and the Transit overpass at Deerfoot. But I have to say that I’m really impressed with how the City has integrated the “complete Streets” ideas in these projects. Prior to these undertakings, particularly in these locations, cyclists and pedestrians were an afterthought to infrastructure.

    Another location where I was impressed with inclusion of walking and riding is the interchange at Hwy#1 and Sarcee. Getting through and around Sarcee doesn’t involve the death defying sprint across 6 lanes of traffic not expecting pedestrians. Now you can wind your way under and around to access Eastlands (What is left of the Eastlands!).

    The point of this Topic however is to find out about new projects across the city. What new cycling infrastructure is in your neighbourhood that’s improved your riding experience? I’m planning on riding sections of the Greenway, there must be lots of new pathway projects around there.

    In case you’re wondering the Canal pathway still has lots of big puddles and a couple big stretches of windblown snow. There’s new roots coming to the surface in the usual spots to keep your head up!


    Pretty good topic, thanks for your suggestion. Hope more friends suggest other routes


    They’ve reopened the Elbow River pathway beside the LRT bridge at the Erlton station. The project was to replace the existing LRT bridge, but they’ve also taken the opportunity to improve the pathway under the bridge.

    The old pathway was a steep climb heading east, and could be a problematic downhill if icy, heading west. The grade has been halved and makes for a much more gentle climb. Bravo to the city.

    The sightlines are still pretty bad at the moment with the construction fences blocking a clear view; but this should improve once complete.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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