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    So what are people’s feelings on this?

    I am leery of it based on what I have experienced on the pathways outside the downtown. I have frequently had to perform emergency maneuvers to avoid bladers or boarders who were not paying attention. Being so close to vehicles would make these avoidance actions even more dangerous.

    Would adding more traffic on the tracks at rush hour cause congestion just like on the roads? Would this lead to an increase in user frustration?

    And how would the city enforce these new bylaws with the Bylaw Services being over-taxed as it is?

    I know the politically correct thing is to embrace this change but I am just worried that it will simply force the faster cyclists back onto the road with the motorized vehicles thus defeating the purpose of the track.

    What do you think?


    Can you link to the Bylaw you’re talking about?


    It’s being discussed in council, so no by-law yet.

    Here’s an article on it:


    Very much against any motorized scooter sharing lanes with bicycles. They’ve allowed that in Ontario and it has become a hazard for cyclists especially in touristy areas where people don’t understand the rules.

    Skateboard are fine but roller blades are a terrible idea to allow. The stride is too wide and they leave no room for passing.

    That’s my vote!


    NO to motorized scooters – assuming more power than e-bikes and no pedals, this is a motorbike and should not be on bike tracks/lanes/paths, especially if skateboards and other slow devices are being added. “mobility scooters” are different but, maybe need width limits.

    2wheeler – good point about inline skaters – they can block a whole pathway and have to pause skating to allow a bike to pass, so on a busy bike track they may not be a good idea.

    Signals – for my whole life I’ve signaled right turns with my right arm so good thing the law is catching up… 😎

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    Gary Millard

    Thanks for sharing your opinions – we really do pay attention to the feedback from our members when we develop a Bike Calgary position on this. We also try to take into account our overall strategy, input from collaborating groups such as Vision Zero and Walk Calgary (and others), and consider how our position would be viewed by the City and other road users.

    Ultimately, we’ve decided that the old infrastructure (sidewalks and roads) didn’t provide space for bikes and speeds they travel. The City listened to our statements that people wanted to ride, and there should be safe places for them. Now that there are other shapes of vehicles that would like a safe and legal space in the City’s transportation infrastructure, we think there should be safe and legal spaces for them, too.

    We recognize your concerns around path width (i.e. inline skaters) and have raised this with the City. We’ll have to see how the specific wording of the bylaw accommodates this concern. In regards to motorized vehicles, the separation is getting tricky, since there are so many vehicles with small electric motors. Again, this isn’t as much an issue of how they are propelled – more about speeds.

    And if the cycle tracks get too busy, well I guess the City will just have to build more!

    Thanks again for your input. Please continue to respectfully offer your opinions to help keep us informed!

    Gary Millard
    President, Bike Calgary


    For anybody who wants specific details on the proposed bylaw changes…

    This came out of the City’s Feb 27 meeting of the SPC on Transportation and Transit

    They are only proposals at this time but will be going before Council on March 18 with the recommendation to approve.

    Direct links to the relevant docs:
    1. Executive summary
    2. Proposed Text of a Charter Bylaw to amend Bylaw 26M96, the Calgary Traffic Bylaw and Bylaw 41M2002, the Calgary Parking Bylaw
    3. Proposed Text of a Bylaw to amend Bylaw 26M96, the Calgary Traffic Bylaw and other traffic-related bylaws
    4. An overview of proposed changes
    5. Summary What We Heard (from public engagement Nov-Dec 2018)

    #4 is probably the best summary of the changes.
    #2 & #3 contain the actual text of the proposed bylaw changes.

    You can also watch the video:
    [video src="" /]
    The meeting starts at 12:15, but you can skip to 14:20 for the Transportation dept presentation


    Thanks Gary,

    Nice to know someone still reads these comments!

    FYI, I personally support multi-modal use of the cycle tracks.

    The first time I saw a skateboarder/roller blader in the tracks I was irked. But really, they’re not busy, there’s lots of room, and they deserve space too.

    I find roller bladers are always courteous enough to stop the wide striding when you announce you’re passing from a reasonable distance back. Same with skateboarders who might be using the whole track, they always make space when you announce you’re coming.

    We should just think of this as an opportunity to say hi to more of our fellow wheeled friends!


    Winterrider, Next thing you’ll want me to wave a unicycles… Never!

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    Gary Millard

    Hey now, @2wheeler, your preference may be obvious from your username, but we don’t support “wheelist” comments on this forum 😉 Unicyclists are people, too!


    It’s being discussed in council! so no by-law yet)

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