Subsidies for e-cars but not e-bikes?

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    The latest federal budget provides a lot of taxpayer money to subsidize electric cars, but nothing for electric bikes. This seems like a huge miss for the government’s stated priorities. More cars increases congestion, requires expensive infrastructure, and many resources to build. E-bikes can get people out of cars and so reduce congestion, improve health and so on. Disappointing.



    That’s interesting insight. It was probably overlooked in the grand scheme of things from the perspective of a culture that is car dominant, and because bicycles are generally much cheaper than the automobile counterpart. But in theory it’s actually an even better idea, because they’re so much more accessible given price point. Take for example some of the 2000-2500k ebikes available — how much more likely would they be taken up by commuters if they were 1500-2000k, or 1000-1500k?

    The Giant Quick-E+ from this year looks like a fantastic commuter, for example, and is about 3.5k give or take. That product seems like a great one to subsidize for urban use. It’s at a much lower price point than cars, so it’d be much easier for a government sanctioned route, but maybe they’d get too much flak? Perhaps some sort of local subsidizing route would be easier. Or even under a different name/purpose, such as parks. Taxpayers love parks!


    Gary Millard

    That’s a great point @charlie ! Here is a news article about the type of promotion you are suggesting:

    Let’s make sure our politicians hear these suggestions and that their constituents care about cycling as a method of active transport.



    for what it’s worth, I sent an email on this to my MP and the Ministers of Finance and Environment. no responses yet…


    Garry Lohuis

    I agree. The best way to communicate this is with your local elected representatives. Also e-bike manufacturers need to step up their lobbying efforts similar to what electric car makers have done.



    Yeah, I agree they should give the Subsidies on electric bikes…

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