Western Waterworks Canal Condition

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    Aspen Spokes

    Anybody know the condition of the Western Canal pathway to Chestermere Lk?



    I rode it from Glenmore Inn to Chestermere Lake on March 31st. It was in great shape – only one small icy patch under a bridge.

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    Unexpected pathway closure this morning with the WORST warning setup possible.

    So they’ve closed the bridge under Stoney Trail between Bowness and Bowmont parks, also the bit of path on the north side of the river that connect Bowmont Park to the path up to Tuscany.

    I rode down from Tuscany this morning, and the barricade blocking access is located almost at the bottom of the hill, half a kilometer from the closest junction point. At that point, one is forced to turn around, climb back up the hill half a kilometer to get to the detour.

    I think there might have been a sign at the junction explaining the detour, but it is really annoying that they put the barricade half a km down the hill. On my bike on the way to work, I’m not stopping to read signs unless there is a good reason to stop (like a barricade).

    Anyway, another poor job of setting up a pathway closure by the City.



    That sounds like the signage the city put up on the Greenway pathway down by Anderson last summer. I’m cruising along southbound on the Greenway, climb up a decent hill, and when you get to the top there is a barricade and a sign indicating the detour is back at the bottom of the hill. I swear they do it on purpose.



    I got cheated by that closure as well yesterday. I was going to Tuscany and had to go back to 85 Street to cross the river. Not really sure what the City is doing there, as the closure notice says “Closed for creation of a temporary structure for the detour below Stoney Tr., as part of the road widening project. Work will be phased.”


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