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    Hello Everyone!!

    I am a 2-years and going year-round bike commuter now. For the first time this upcoming winter I will be riding from SW Calgary into Downtown (Inglewood). I am used to riding the Deerfoot path from the north, so this will be different for me.

    My question here is, is there anyone who commutes from SW into downtown in full winter conditions? My route would come from near 17th Avenue and Sarcee, down the hill, along the Bow River path, and into Inglewood.

    I know the main Bow River path is part of the winter plowing zone, and will be easily rideable. But, I’m curious how winter riders get down the hill to that path.

    There are two routes that I know of: South Edworthy hill road to the south parking lot. Or, the red bridge to steep hill path east of the Shaganappi Golf Course. Which of those routs are rideable in winter? Also, the bike lane route along Spruce Drive SW, is that rideable in snowy conditions?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Bradley,
    You have a few options from our part of town, I commute from Strathcona Park near 85th street. The best options are probably one of these two for you:

    Take the Sarcee pathway to the intersection of Bow Trail & Sarcee, then drop into Edworthy Park down the hill and join up the pathway there. Only the north side of the pathway is snow cleared, so the South side will be impassable for a somewhat regular bike from probably November to June depending on the year. The North side will be your way.

    Second option is to follow Spruce Drive to the end of it, then take the left on 12 Ave SW parallel to Bow Trail for the length of Shaganappi golf course, you can then take the overpass above Bow Trail and go down the hill near the golf course at the end of 24 St. SW, then you’re on the Bow Trail pathway.

    There are some other options but these two are the best. The hill at Edworthy can sometimes become a bit of a glacier, but the last winter was pretty good the times I did take it. That being said I usually opt for option 2 as it takes me closer to my destination.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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