Bike fatalities still high despite less vehicle traffic

In 2020, Calgary police responded to 199 collisions where cyclists were hit, which is down slightly from 227 in 2019. Now this might look like its an improving statistic, but bearing in mind there is a significant increase in cyclists and less drivers, this remains alarmingly high.

Calgary cyclist Kevin Dalton described an incident involving a vehicle in November 2018 where fortunately the outcome wasn’t as severe as it potentially could have been:

According to Statistics Canada, a collision with a motor vehicle made up 73% of fatal cycling events from analysis across the country between 2006 and 2017, with more than half of these being in urban settings.

So how do we move the dial on this? Providing infrastructure that’s designed with safety in mind and physically segregated wheeled mobility infrastructure will help prevent incidents.

Safe, well designed infrastructure will help prevent incidents between bikes and vehicles

See our posts on Calgary’s 5A Network, which when implemented has the ability to provide safer infrastructure within our city and its communities.

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