How was your ride today? Month of May 2019

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    Gary Millard

    Well, the very start of May wasn’t great, but the forecast is looking better. Let’s hope we get some decent spring weather, with less snow!



    Hey, has anyone ridden the south pathway between Edworthy and Crowchild Tr.? I was just wondering if the “mini glacier” has been cleared and what condition the pathway itself is in. That and the north side really need a good repaving.



    I rode through there last week and there was just over 100 feet of “slush on the pack-ice” in the usual spot. Just barely rideable, lots of upper body workout keeping the bike going straight, but no mini crevasses to jump or otherwise deal with. I doubt that it would even get any attention from the City because it should be cleared by itself by now due to the (slightly) warmer weather we’ve been having. Still expect water, however!




    Thanks Gyrospanner. I thought the city or CP would have gone in as they have in the past few years and cleared out the ice. As I only have a road bike with the slick tires, I guess I will just have to be patient.



    I think the City only cleared that last year to make up for having the north side path closed due to construction on Crowchild.

    So it’s not normal for them to do this, don’t expect it to happen again…. probably ever.



    update – South pathway ice flow still there as of this morning (Saturday). Mostly soft but there is still a sketchy sloped section of slippy ice.



    I think the only time CP goes in there is to maintain the integrity of the rip-rap along the river or clear out the culvert with the prime concern being “Keep the rolling stock on the tracks and outta’ the river.” [Especially those cars full of oil!!] IMO, nobody has really completed a satisfactory amount of repair since the last time they ripped up the path with a bunch of tracked vehicles and the teeth off a heavy loader. I often wonder what type of agreement they have with the City for access to sections like that?

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    The City had a backhoe out today trying to bash the glacier into submission. Looked to me like the glacier was winning.



    Yeah, I rode through there last night and it was all clean of ice, but there was still quite a few muddy spots…..



    Wow, I thought they wouldn’t bother, guess I was wrong on that one!



    Noticed last week the pathway east of the weir (on the north side of the river) has been paved.
    Nice upgrade, since that section often got pretty mucky.

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    how was it paved?
    Quality of paving job on pathways is sometimes so shoddy in Calgary.
    simple – why it is not as smooth as street paving?????
    why City Of Calgary pays contractor for shoddy jobs from our taxes?
    I already complained to 311 with pictures of Quarry Park by the river bumpy 1 year old path.

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    I didn’t look too closely, but it felt pretty smooth and flat.
    Because that section gets flooded/frozen/thawed during the winter, I have no idea how well it will last, depends if they improved the drainage too.

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    I headed down to the same area today and the pathway was closed (east of Zoo to Nose creek), so I see now on the City pathway closures page:
    Purpose Closed for installation of an anchor for bouys along the Bow River. Short closure window.
    Start Date 5/21/2019, 12:00 AM
    End Date 5/21/2019, 12:00 AM”

    so that’s just today, but there’s also a closure to 17ave:
    Purpose Closed for annual lifecycle work throughout the park.
    Start Date 5/6/2019, 12:00 AM
    End Date 6/30/2019, 12:00 AM”



    Ooh… That’s a long closure. I was hoping to go over that way some time soon as I haven’t explored the east and south areas very much. Maybe I’ll go over just to see how they handle the closures.

    Great to see the city cleared out the glacier. I rode through earlier this month and was surprised the glacier was still there, but there was a ton of foot traffic. Lots of walkers, runners, groups of people, strollers, bike commuters… So they probably got enough tickets to warrant bringing in the cat. I wonder if there’s a way we could design this thing better? I know we don’t want the glacier to freeze over the train tracks but I thought that was the purpose of the trench they dug around it. Prior to the pathway being build in the way, anyway. Don’t want to disturb the slope too much though I guess.

    Today looks like it’ll be a great day. A bit of reprieve from the rainy season. Then back to the rain! It’s needed at least.

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