How was your ride today? Q1 2020

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    Well looks like we need to go from monthly to quarterly ride reports??
    Question is: how can we reinvigorate these message boards? ideas?


    Hey Rich. My observation is that there’s been a significant cohort that’s migrated to Twitter to share information about pathway and street conditions. This may be because it’s a quicker and easier way to do so, particularly if sharing images.

    Raising awareness of the forums, ensuring it’s easy to comment on/create content (including adding images) and improving the visual structure might help reinvigorate.

    Gary Millard

    Good suggestion @bclark. Maybe Tweeting a link to the forum, or sharing the address and info would help drive a few of the Twitter users to the website forum. I’ll try this on a few of my tweets and responses.


    The site was offline for a long period of time. It takes a lot to regain traction once it’s lost. My recommendation would be to start writing some more in depth forum posts with length and photos, or discussing new areas of development with the same, as they’re not exactly easy to have on Twitter.

    For example someone used to make a thread for each street discussion on revamps and routing possibilities regarding infrastructure.

    Maybe you can start with a description of your winter riding gear? 😉
    I was tempted to do a post for the cold snap this week, but unfortunately I’m sick and won’t be venturing out in the -30 this year. Bundle up, don’t have skin exposed.


    Hey Crivak… yah I’m skipping this cold snap too thanks to some lower lumbar spasm issues which won’t play nice with this amount of cold. I managed to ride all of last Febs nastyness every work day (ok it was from Homeroad parking lot to/from DT). Hope to get back on the bike next week again.

    Sadly when BC migrated from the old forum to the new one a couple years ago we lost a LOT of history and reference material. seem some folks got traumatized and didn’t continue.

    As for Twitter… I’m still avoid that social platform. It’s too much already for me with Facebook and LinkedIn and FacedIn and Linkbook and however they mix each other.

    I’m still waiting for Canadian Tires next sale on their snowmobile lobster gloves… hope I didn’t leave it too late. My old pair is all packed out and imminently failing and now is cold below -15 whereas they used to be good riding down to -25’ish. some finger liners kinda help


    I’ve unfortunately not been riding this week either and I think my drivetrain needs some TLC before I can get back at it as things thaw. I can’t believe how rusty it’s been getting…to the point I’ve been carrying a small bottle of lube at all times! I think it just needs a really good degrease/derust treatment.

    While I did promote Twitter as an option, I agree, it can sometimes be a challenging platform to handle. I’ve found people’s expressions of their views can be very polarized! Still, a useful way of finding out information.

    Crivak, maybe you are talking about the pages that used to include information about and solicit feedback on various cycling infrastructure projects? If so, those were often ones that I’d kicked off when I had a more formal involvement with Bike Calgary.


    a few too many all-dark ninjas on the pathways again…… grrrrrr


    I would also love to see more posts on BikeCalgary.
    I think main subject this time of year should be pathways conditions.
    Southland pathway next to off-leash area had been covered with layer of snow turning into ice sheets.
    The problem is:
    contractor use plow instead of brush.
    sidewalks are typically brushed NOT plowed.
    plowing leaves layers of snow which next turns into ice sheets.
    how many people bother to report to 311 or on Internet reporting?
    few bother.
    result is contractor and Calgary Parks do what they want.
    it is so hard to understand? – you brush to black asphalt on first snowfall .


    Agree with the above and I’m guilty of it.
    There’s an active hashtag on Twitter (#yycbike) that usually offers up people’s trail reports, including my own. But, today I learned that I could report stuff like that to 311–I didn’t know.

    The paths have been much worse this year overall. It seems that the city switched contractors and they’re still figuring it out. I’ll be filing 311 reports in addition to the Twitter stuff to try and shift change.


    if you dont feel comfortable to call 311 you can report on CofCalgary web site.
    and include pictures.
    I got response from Calgary Parks supervisor,it was last year.
    Seems they cannot get it
    Calgary Parks must have requirment from contractor, simple like that: brush
    simply pathway is so uneven asphalt so contractor leaves layer of snow and you know what next, right?

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