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    Honestly if you are using the paths you do so at your own discretion, risk, consideration for your own safety, and using the “facilities” (including pathways) in a manner appropriate for conditions. You cannot assume other users are more/less/equally vigilant and considerate, nor is it reasonable to assume that conditions remain consistent hour to hour or day to to. For example melt water freezing, puddles to ice, gravel/sands, perfect grading, perfect topography, or kids moving chunks of snow, or river banks overflowing, rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc… Now if a city-owned truck or plow/sweep drove down the path and damaged you/bike/whatever then that’s a different issue arising from negligence. So yeah, obviously I’m not agreeing entirely, however there are always specific exceptions.


    The problem I personally have with complaining about pathway maintenance overall is that it’s just so much better than it was 10-15 years ago. We have so much more plowing now, so many more clear trails to ride all winter long. But yes, there is room for improvement.

    I know it’s not perfect by any means and sometimes I shake my head when the plow leaves a giant pile of snow right in the middle of the pathway, or forgets to plow the steep hill under a bridge. Those Great Lakes that have formed this year in various places are hard to avoid once they develop. But it has steadily been getting better year over year.

    RR is correct that Calgary’s near constant melt freeze cycles mean you must be constantly vigilant. Morning ride, to afternoon, to the next morning can be an entirely new ride.


    Thanks 2Wheeler.
    To be clear, yes I agree with you… it’s amazingly different from when I started year-round bike commuting early 2000’s. Many a day with lots of snow, ice, and nastiness. Somehow seemed easier for me then, but that was before a lot of wipeouts plus I was racing bikes so super super fit.

    These days our bar certainly is higher. I certainly do appreciate the extra efforts. In the past a single pass down the paths was a treat and great. Now we have grown to expect double-wide plow and sweeping. This often causes center-line ridges or drifts on each side of the path that melt into the center. sigh. Or when the plow/sweep gets to a pathway intersection and “twirls” in place and leaves some teepee in the middle. Not perfect but still pretty darn good really. over 10 years ago I found it mandatory to have super studded tires front and back. These days, not so much even when “icy”. Of course my personal fear/pucker factor is a lot more sensitive which doesn’t help at all.

    Going into spring yes there are many additional hazards, of which snow/ice are some. I’m honestly a lot more concerned about the yearly spring influx of unfit unaware entitled almost-new noobie slow head-phone wearing riders wobbling around maybe with their equally or moreso family unit(s) and pet pooch(es) on a leash (or not). These folks are the real risks.

    oh wait… I think that was a rant… Rant Over!

    Stay fit healthy and upright folks!


    Sunny. Warm. A little windy. Airport Trail pathway mostly bare with water puddles that will freeze at night.
    Summer tires back on the Revel. So easy to pedal compared to winter tires. Oh, yes. Keeping winter tires on some bikes until end of May is a safe bet.


    I think I might miss my studded tires once they’re gone. They announce me so well against the pavement that people often look back before I’m even in bell range. But I think I’ll change my mind if I buy some new tires and see how good they look and how smooth they ride. Think things will be a little too crazy in April to get that started though.


    what some riders cannot get it,
    or not observant enough….
    asphalt on pathways is NOT as even/smooth as on streets
    plowing leaves layers of snow which of course turn into ice later.
    it seems Calgary Parks has very poor standards if it comes to snow clearing.
    in English “clearing” means removing snow down to black asphalt, shaving snow and leaving layers of snow on pathway is a joke,
    Calgary Parks should require equipment /BRUSH/ from contractor.
    well like with everything in the city – no complains, no problems.
    make a pictures on your cellphone, go to city report web site , attach pictures to your complain.

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