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    I’m not sure it was posted anywhere else on yet, but the City is looking at changes to the Traffic Bylaw as it pertains to cycling.

    Feedback and details

    Safe Passing Law – Requiring 1m space when passing. Definitely would appreciate this as it would hopefully raise awareness and improve safety, particularly if enforced. On multi-lane roads (many being bike routes) it would be even better if motorists were required to move into adjacent lane to pass.

    Yield Instead of Stop at Pathway-Street Junctions – I think this would be good, but I think there’s a lot more that needs to be done to address right-of-way obligations at pathway-street intersections, including recognizing that any pathway crossing of a roadway is multi-use by function and should be regulated as such.

    Allowing Right Arm Use to Signal Turns – Seems like an easy non-contentious change.

    Legalizing other Non-Motorized Travel Modes on Bike Infrastructure – No issues with this provided people are respectful of one another and the rules. Pathways already allow other wheeled travel modes and I’ve rarely encountered any issues.

    There’s a few others.


    I’m all for the safe passing law. Having had too many near-dooring-close-calls it doesn’t make sense to hug the parked cars AND also get close calls on your left. Just asking for that double whammy.

    Yield instead of stop… oh this is a tough one. Especially since all user groups generally seem to fail miserably already it’s almost an attempt at making what’s already been done “ok” IMO.

    Right arm to turn right… been doing that for years. So many people out there don’t have the shoulder rotation to effectively do a decent LEFT arm indication to turn right. Unless maybe one is sitting vertically but those roadies with the slammed stems it’s just not realistic. The right arm pointing right is easy for all to comprehend, use, and see.

    Other modes… generally I don’t have an issue having seen it work fairly well, mostly. just some jerks doing 35km/hr plus (up to ~50-60’ish even) on the MUPs using noise smelly gas engines but I haven’t seen much of that this year. Let’s just keep the horses off please. 🙂


    Well put! I’ve got a new e-bike as well and it’s making such a difference. I’m enjoying not being a limp dishrag all the time. (Health issue took me off my bike a couple of years ago, after a decade of year-round commuting)

    I have a Schwalbe Marathon Winter 29 x 2.0″ on my front wheel, and I am really happy with the handling, even in the sloppy conditions this morning. The sheer weight of the e-bike, as well as its long wheelbase and low center of mass (mid mount Bosch drive) keep it very stable. I slid out a couple of times last night in the fresh snow, but actually less than when I was running 2 studded tires on a mid 80s mountain bike.

    Have you been out in the snow yet?

    Today was my first day out in any snow. I’ve got Schwalbe Marathon Winter 26 x 1.75 on both wheels, I think I could do with something fatter once these wear out. The snirt on side streets was pretty unpleasant but I was very pleased to see that pathway and even sidewalk-pathways had been extensively cleared in my boonie neck of the woods. A huge improvement over previous winters.

    The 10 St NW bike lane from 14 St all the way in was about 40% mess from parked cars and buses, but overall the ride in was pretty nice. Another winning day for the e-bike.


    The Traffic Bylaw proposals seem reasonable to me. I personally prefer the left arm signal since it’s quite a bit more visible to traffic as it’s closer to drivers’ field of vision along the center line, but right is better than none! and a law prohibiting it seems silly.


    A move in the right direction certainly.

    I’d prefer a 1.5 m passing Law. Alberta has the some of the widest and quietest roads in the country. Forcing cars and trucks to safely pass by law should be non-negotiable. And I agree with the above comment that cyclists safely should include giving the entire lane wherever possible.

    Is there no hope for the Idaho stop? Yielding makes so much more sense practically and legally for cyclists.

    I’m not really a big fan of skateboarding, rollerblades, roller skis etc on cycling infrastructure. But it’s not something I’d fight either.


    Let me be the first to gripe about this morning’s conditions on the infamous Parkdale Detour.
    NOT looking forward to going through there again on the way home. BLECCHH!


    Oh no. I didn’t go downtown today because I figured the parkdale detour would suck. 🙁 How was the return route? And has anyone figured out a tolerable winter alternative yet?


    Parkdale detour… half and half. Some fine and ok and some thick with mushy snow. Alternate is cross at the lights and take the sidewalks parallel with Memorial. Hardly ever see anyone along there except occasionally at one bus stop that has a bench. Better today than yesterday for sure.

    The south of the Peace bridge area continues to be a challenge with lighting and inability of the snow clearing crews to actually understand how to clear pathways consistently and along the high traffic routes. For example the north end of the Peace bridge still has that squirrelly deep’ish snow to navigate.

    Am concerned about frost and meltwater ice in the morning along the MUP.

    Although the MUP towards Crowchild was looking promising for opening soon there hasn’t been any further activity in about a week. Who knows?? any bets… January??


    Got a call from a nice fellow in Water today about the opening of that pathway segment. He left a message saying it should be open Friday, November 30th, and therefore open for the weekend. Here’s to hoping!

    I am very done with parkdale after the lack of clearing at the end of 4th ave / along 1st. And particularly the pedestrian ramps, which you’d think would get detailed for accessibility. Alas, I shouldn’t expect such an attention to detail. The pathway will be a welcome reprieve.

    edit; as for parkdale itself, here is what I gathered from my ride yesterday.

    – If you followed the dark green line, the road was ploughed and clear.
    – The lime green line was not fully ploughed, but used enough that the pavement was bare and passable.
    – The red line is the pathway and it was not cleared, with foot ridges and ice.
    – The orange line was not cleared, and was snirt, mashed potato and generally not nice (though the houses had shoveled their sidewalks so that was an option).
    – additional option along 29th St of taking the north side homes driveway [on 4th] onto the sidewalk and not having to make the left turn to the bikelane intersection.


    Other Problem Areas.

    That uncleared area on the south side of the Peace Bridge has been driving me nuts, as well.

    They also left about 20 feet of path uncleared on the south side of Sien Lok park, which is a major through way for a lot of cyclists. I was going to 311 this, but last time they didn’t clear it, it took a week to get done and I figured the weather would look after it.


    Took the long way home from Eau Claire around the Zoo and up Nose Creek to Kincora… Definitely wouldn’t have done that without the e-Bike!



    The south side of the Bow River pathway is fully open at the Crowchild bridge. Detour at Pumphouse still in effect.


    Call out on a incredible stupid moron on this mornings commute. He was riding south side downtown bound nearly took me and another rider out with a completely asinine pass at very high speed. Guy was wearing a Different Bikes jacket and riding a cross bike with a rear rack. I doubled back to talk to him as he had to sit at the light on 11th St to wait anyway. Conversation went like this, “that was a really stupid pass and you nearly caused an accident, that was way to close” him “yeah I guess you are right, that was too close.” me “I don’t need to get hit a second time this year, you should be more careful”

    I see this guy nearly everyday and he is always going fast. Slow down asshat before you kill someone!

    rant over


    Dang, the fenders on that e-bike! hyuge! Does it say “rad power”? Haha.
    I’m ready for some nice new cold autumn* riding again.

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